Freezer Is Cold But The Fridge Is Not?

I know, even a small kid knows that the freezer is supposed to be colder than the fridge; otherwise there is no point in calling it the freezer, is there? However, if the freezer is functioning properly and freezes the items you put in but the fridge is not cooling properly, then you have a problem.

Do not worry, it is generally not a huge problem that will cost you a lot of time and money and, if you are good with equipment and has proper knowledge, you may be able to solve the issue easily by yourself.

Few causes for the said condition are listed below so that you will be better prepared when you encounter this issue.

Too much stuff

You may have stuffed your freezer with too much goods and the air flow to the other areas is not happening as it should. If you are unsure whether this is causing the issue, take some of the things out and wait for a while to see if the situation improves.

Similarly you may have put too much things in the fridge and have set the cooling dial to a lower level. It is always better to check for these little things before you think of more complicated causes.

Malfunctioning parts including air circulation components

There are several components that assist in the air circulation and the proper cooling. The coils should most definitely be checked to confirm that they have not been frosted. If they are frosted you will want to check the defrost heater assembly to make sure that it is functioning properly as this is the main culprit in this kind of scenario.

Defrost timer malfunctioning may also cause similar symptoms and, therefore, it is a good idea to check it if you know what you are doing. However, if you are unsure about the functioning of the timer or how to check it, it is advisable to eliminate the other possible causes and then calling a professional repairman.You can try manually defrosting the cooling coils and allowing the refrigerator to function for some time to determine if the issue is really with the defrost heater assembly or if it is with the defrost timer. Failures of evaporator fans can also create the aforementioned issue. Click here for more info on cooling coils.

If the motor is unusually noisy or the blades do not freely rotate when you turn them by hand, you may have identified the root cause. In this event it is better to enlist professional help rather than trying to replace the fan by yourself.If the damper control assembly is broken or if it blocked the cooling will not happen as desired. Therefore, this is yet another component that should be checked if you are experiencing the weird but not so uncommon phenomenon of the cold freezer and hot fridge.

Why Hire Professionals For Bond Cleaning?

Bond cleaning is nothing but a clean-up which can be done by both tenant and land lord. Before giving rent to his house a home owner should clean his house so that the interior looks healthy and beautiful. On the other hand, when the lease or bond has come to its end then the tenant should also clean the house before handing over the house to its land lord. Now, there is no match of having a clean-up by professionals. As they are well trained and well equipped so they can clean better. If you are thinking why hire professionals for bond cleaning, here are some reasons given.

They are absolutely perfect –

The one and only reason to hire bond cleaners Townsville is that they are absolutely perfect to bring back the past look of the house. So, if you are thinking about stained walls of kitchen then don’t worry because these professional cleaners are expert in cleaning. They can remove any type of stains and scars. 

They can wrap up the work within the given period –

While it is a bond cleaning, then being a tenant you need to wrap up the whole project surely as soon as possible. So before hiring professionals for better upholstery cleaning or a comprehensive cleaning plan, if you give them a certain period then they will definitely wrap up the whole cleaning program within that given period.

They are well trained –

As these professionals are well trained so you need not to worry about their work. These cleaners are given training on how to clean scars and stains properly without damaging the area. But if you try to clean with your own then there are chances to damage tiles or floors.

They are well equipped –

Because these professional cleaners are well equipped, so they can complete the work safely and quite easily. While you need to clean the whole house perfectly, certainly there is a need of cleaning equipment. Perhaps, you are thinking that you can remove the dust with a plain duster or a sweep of broom but that will simply not provide the house with an attractive look. When you hire professionals they will carry cleaning chemicals which can give the whole house a shining and beautiful look.

Saves your time –

While you are planning to change your present rental property then surely you need to find out a new one. By hiring professionals you can save your time from cleaning the house.